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Awareness Videos

Thanks to the courage of our grant recipients, weā€™re able to showcase the power of our grants in short videos. All of these videos are shareable on YouTube and can be sent as a raw file if requested.

KW Cares Overview Video

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KW Cares

About Us Video
KW Cares serves Keller Williams associates and their qualifying family members during times of hardship due to sudden emergencyĀ to ensure that everyone in our KW family feels supported, safe and valued.

KW Cares Grant Recipient Stories

Elizabeth Hinson

Ā Autism DiagnosisĀ 

Daniel Rivera Vasquez

Ā Heart TransplantĀ 

Hilda Wieberg

Bike Accident

Martha & Allen

Hurricane Ida

Carlos Paiz

Lung Transplant

Randy and Tammy

Covid Complications

Patty Ortega

Cancer Treatment

Ashley Robertson

Cancer Treatment

Tracy Tofte

Brain Tumor