KW Cares


Emergency Grants

Emergency grants are available for immediate, critical needs following a disaster or the death of a qualified family member.
Emergency grants provide immediate assistance to our KW Family during times of disaster, such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, or house fires. Basic needs include shelter, food, transportation and other critical needs.

To qualify for a grant, applicants must meet the eligibility guidelines, have a qualifying event, a qualifying expense, and must demonstrate a financial need exists.

How to Apply for an Emergency Grant

Once you are confident you qualify for a KW Cares grant, you can apply with just three steps!

1. Alert Your Market Center Leadership or KWRI Department Head.

Inform your leadership that you are applying for a KW Cares emergency grant. KW Cares staff must verify the need, so please do not move forward without completing this step.

2. Gather Necessary Documentation.

KW Cares may need to review documentation relating to your sudden emergency, such as funeral invoice(s) and bank statement(s) for emergency funeral grants.

3. Submit Your Request through Our Application Program.

Once you have alerted your leadership and gathered all required documentation, you can easily complete the online application.
Once your application has been submitted, a KW Cares team member will respond and determine eligibility for assistance through a brief screening process. If approved, KW Cares will initiate a bank transfer to the applicant.