KW Cares


Get the Help You Need

KW Cares provides assistance to Keller Williams associates and their dependent family members when they are suffering financial hardship due to sudden emergencies.

At KW, we’re one family.

And family takes care of each other. As an associate, you and your dependent family members are eligible to apply for grants from KW Cares when facing financial hardship due to a sudden emergency, such as accidents, house fires, medical emergencies, funeral and burial expenses, and natural disaster relief.

All the information and resources you need can be found here.

Grants Eligibility Requirements

Currently employed Keller Williams associates (Associates) or Keller Williams Realty International employees (Employees) and their dependent family members qualify for life-altering and emergency grants.

Please note, KW Cares is unable to give grants for:

  • Residential or nonresidential substance abuse facilities or treatment
  • Unconventional treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses
  • Legal issues such as divorces, child custody issues, adoptions, etc.
  • Debt relief, compensation for lost wages, or to bridge gaps in income unrelated to a specific emergency

All Associates or Employees must have been with KW for six months or more. This is based on the Associate’s or Employee’s official KW start date. This waiting period is waived during natural disasters and for funerals.

Individuals listed above who are faced with financial hardship due to unexpected major emergencies are eligible to apply for KW Cares grants.

Applicants must have $40,000 or less in combined liquid assets.

Grants Programs

KW Cares grants fall into two program categories: life-altering and emergency grants. Each grant type has differing parameters around application and acceptance.
Life Altering Grants

Life-altering grants primarily focus on events such as a medical illness, an injury related to a motor vehicle accident, or repairs due to a housing disaster.

Emergency Grants
Emergency grants are available for immediate, critical needs following a natural disaster or the death of a qualified family member.