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Cares Kit & Resource Guide

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1. Help Raise Awareness

KW Cares exists solely to support our KW Family in times of need. Your donations are vital to this mission, but so are your efforts to help spread the good word. Below, you’ll find several important resources to further raise awareness in your Market Center about our mission to help our KW Family members when they need it most. 

2. Give with Every Transaction

One of the simplest ways your associates can support KW Cares is by giving with every transaction. While the process has changed slightly, the convenience and the impact have not. Here’s a step-by-step guide to giving to KW Cares with every transaction, via Command and Greensheets.

3. Fundraise & Tithe

Our foundational core value is that family helps family. This value drives us to take care of our own when the need arises. Putting this principle into practice, Market Centers are encouraged to fundraise an annual minimum of $50,000 to build their local emergency funds, tithe 10% of these efforts to KW Cares, and then help other local charities and causes when available. Ready to fundraise for KW Cares? Don’t worry, you’re not going it alone! You have a couple of simple options to choose from, and we’ll guide and support you every step of the way.

Your Market Center Care Package

We’ve created Generous Hearts Packages designed to hang in a prominent place in your Market Center. This is a wonderful way to remind  KW associates to donate and to recognize their contributions. Simply download and print the graphics via the below link.

We’ve Made it Easy
to Find and Share
our Powerful Stories

KW Cares’ stories of impact, social posts, and newsletters are all here in one place. Please feel free to access any of these materials to share digitally, by email, social media, and elsewhere, or in print. For our most up-to-date stories, find us on: Facebook, Instagram and Our Blog and please, share! 

KW Cares Sizzle Video (About Us): 

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Video Stories to Share

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Generous Hearts Club

Your generous hearts keep the KW Cares mission alive and our KW family members supported when they need it most. By giving to KW Cares, you join the Generous Hearts Club. We are profoundly grateful to each of our donors for their impactful contributions.

Show you care! Add the Generous Hearts Club to your e-sig, business card or website. 

Download & Share
With New KW Associates
in Your Market Center

Our goal is to distribute as many grants as possible each year to help our KW Family. To achieve this, we need your help in promoting our grants program and when it is an option for our associates. 

Not only are KW Cares grants for natural disaster relief, but the vast majority of our grants are awarded for sudden emergencies like illness, death, and accidents. Please download or print out our Agent Onboarding One-Sheet and share it with your associates, both new and existing via email or in-person.

Who Qualifies for a KW Cares grant, and other FAQ's.

Associates of Keller Williams Realty and employees of KWRI and their immediate family members qualify for KW Cares Grants. This includes: 

  • Spouse/domestic partner
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Employees of Keller Williams Realty International and their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents and siblings
Any of the persons listed above faced with financial hardship due to unexpected emergencies are eligible to apply for KW Cares grants after a six-month waiting period from their official KW start date. The waiting period is waived during natural disasters. Read more frequently asked questions here, in addition to downloading and sharing our grant FAQ.

KW Cares takes care of family like no other.

At KW, we’re one family, and family members take care of one another. As an associate, you and your immediate family are eligible to apply for grants from KW Cares when facing financial hardship due to a sudden emergency, such as accidents, house fires, medical emergencies, and unaffordable funeral and burial expenses, and natural disaster relief. 

Please download and share our KW Cares grants factsheets. Let’s assure our fellow associates that they are not alone when hardship strikes.

Order a Generous Hearts
Package to Display in
Your Market Center

Inspired by the KW Bel Air Market Center, we’ve created complimentary Generous Heart Packages designed to hang in a prominent place in your Market Center. This is a wonderful way to remind KW associates to donate and to recognize their contributions.

  1. Preview the Generous Hearts Package here
  2. Add a heart to the wall when a donation is made by one of your associates

See How KW Bel Air Uses Generous Hearts Package:

Donate to KW Cares
with Every Transaction
On Command

Watch our tutorial video on how to give to KW Cares with every transaction on Command. This video and downloadable one-sheet are the perfect resource to share with agents and remind them of the impact transactional giving makes.

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Donate to KW Cares
with Every Transaction
On Greensheets

Watch our tutorial video on how to give to KW Cares with every transaction on Greensheets. This video and downloadable one-sheet are the perfect resource to share with agents and remind them of the impact transactional giving makes.

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Our Principle of Tithing,
and Tips for Successful Market Center Fundraising

What is Tithing, and Why Do We Do it? 

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In the KW ethos, Market Centers are strongly encouraged to raise $50,000 annually for charitable giving with a minimum of $5,000 earmarked as a tithe to KW Cares. The remaining $45,000 could be used for charitable giving in the local community and/or to help individuals in need in the Market Center.

Tips for how to successfully fundraise and tithe to KW Cares: 

  • Host a KW Cares fundraising event toward the end of the year: the year can get busy and we understand that. We’ve seen success in Market Centers who host team calls, and solicit donations with first name, last name, Market Center name and amount, via the chat feature on Zoom, Facebook or even a group email. For more on using technology to fundraise, see below.

How Shannon Aronson Used Zoom to Fundraise:

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How Preston Murphy Used Facebook to Fundraise:

In the midst of back-to-back hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, Preston Murphy, CEO & Team Leader, KW Realty Gulf Coast, took to Facebook, posting an image calling for donations to KW Cares. Those who wish to give posted the amount and their emails, and Preston collected donations.

Participate in Our Annual
KW Cares Fundraisers

Throughout the year, KW Cares hosts fundraising events that invite our family to make contributions. We host three scheduled fundraisers each calendar year, consisting of in-person events and online activities: Family Reunion (February), KW Cares Day (September), and an End of Year Giving Campaign. These fundraisers are a chance for us to work as a family to raise money that goes towards supporting our KW associates.

Coming Soon! How can I participate? 

Participation is easy! When our fundraiser goes live, we will email all Market Centers, as well as announce on our website and social channels, with the link to the fundraiser. 

  1. Give a direct donation
  2. Launch a sub-campaign for a friendly competition
  3. Pledge a matching donation
  4. Share the campaign with your community