KW Cares


Finding Help in the Hardest Times

KW Cares is here to provide help and peace of mind to those facing the impact of a natural disaster. Immediate relief is available by applying for an emergency grant and/or receiving disaster relief supplies that KW Cares will send to affected areas. All the resources you need can be found here.

Disaster Relief Manual

Access our robust manual to learn everything you need to know about Market Center preparedness, Task Force preparedness, and disaster response in order to ensure relief for those who need it.

Apply for an Emergency Grant

Natural disaster emergency grants are available to Keller Williams associates only. Qualified family members may apply for a life-altering grant once all of their insurance and other programs (including FEMA) have been exhausted.

Volunteer Sign-Up

During an active natural disaster, you may sign up to be part of a disaster response team here.

Sign-up will be activated during a significant event.

Helpful Organizations

If you are in need of additional support beyond what KW Cares can offer, please look into these other resources: