KW Cares

We’re so grateful to everyone who has given to KW Cares through their transactions in Command, and we’ve got exciting news! Command has launched a new feature to enable you to donate automatically to KW Cares with every closing! 

When you give to KW Cares with every transaction, you can help a KW family member dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges, like:

  • Struggling to support their family in the midst of a health crisis
  • Delaying essential medical treatment due to cost concerns
  • Rebuilding after a natural disaster

By choosing to give with every transaction, you’ll become the newest member of the Loyal Hearts Club, an exceptional group of generous donors who recognize the importance of a steady flow of donations. We thank you for your support.

Video: how to give with every transaction in Command, donated by Jay Cermak. May he rest in peace. 

Give through a One-Time
Transaction in Command

Keller Williams agents can give through individual transactions if they do not want to set up a gift on every transaction. Here’s how.

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Give in

For Keller Williams agents working with  Greensheets, you can give with a single transaction or with every transaction. Here’s how to give regularly: 

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