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Resource Guide

Get everything you need to share information about KW Cares and our grants. Help team members and associates learn about the resources available to them. 

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About KW Cares

Access videos, one-sheets, and social media kits to help you onboard new agents, share in leadership meetings, and increase grant awareness in your Market Center.

How to Give a Recurring Gift

Anyone who commits to being a recurring donor will become a member of the Loyal Hearts Club, an exceptional group of generous donors who recognize the importance of a steady flow of donations.

Schedule a Sales Meeting or Fundraising Meeting with KW Cares

Have our team join your sales meeting to help your team learn more about KW Cares! Or schedule a chat to find out how to start your own fundraising campaign for KW Cares.

View Best Practices on Fundraisers

Get some fresh ideas for hosting a fundraiser and be sure to make the biggest impact possible!