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Board of Directors

“In 2003, when one of our ALC members spoke to Mo Anderson about us REALLY coming together with resources for sudden unforeseeable catastrophic event, she and our leadership team jumped into action. KW Cares was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2003. Serving on the KW Cares Board of Directors since its inception has been a complete honor, and for me, like getting a master’s degree in outstanding leadership.

I was able to witness how our founding Board Chairs, Mo Anderson and Mary Tenant, moved us forward dynamically, with a huge vision and step-by-step processes, to become this outstanding KW Cares nonprofit that exists today. We, as a business family, joined our resources and efforts, stood close by to learn what was needed, and then moved quickly into action. KW Cares lets our people know they are not alone. I have seen some of the most generous giving, true and sincere servant leadership, and care throughout the entire U.S. and Canada via our supporters. We are all united. The way we donate money, resources, time, and our love to those in need defines us. I love us.”

– Beverly Steiner, Vice Chair

Mo Anderson

Chair & President

Austin, TX

Beverly Steiner

Vice Chair

Danville, CA

Doris Carlin


Joplin, MO

Sharon Gibbons


Austin, TX

Valerie King

Board Member

Trumbull, CT

Jean Grubb

Board Member

Austin, TX

Julie Costa

Board Member

Morristown, NJ

Kathy Neu

Board Member

Austin, TX

Kelly Henderson

Board Member

Phoenix, AZ

Steve Chader

Board Member

Mesa, AZ

Our Team

Based in Austin, TX, our small but seasoned team meets each day with the goal of bringing peace of mind to KW family members struggling with emergencies over which they have no control. During tornado, hurricane and wildfire season, the team works diligently to ensure those challenged by such events are not only provided financial support but also have a shoulder to lean on.

Alexia Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Austin, TX

Tristan Pierce

Chief Financial Officer

Austin, TX

Mindy Grubb

VP of Development

Austin, TX

Adam Hughes

Disaster Relief Manager

Austin, TX

Alyssa Muir

Philanthropy Services Manager

Austin, TX

Rachel Tang

Programs Manager

Austin, TX

Toni Young

Finance & Operations Manager

Austin, TX