KW Cares


Videos, One-Sheets
and FAQs

KW Cares exists solely to support our KW Family in times of need. Our goal is to distribute as many grants as possible each year to help our KW Family. Below, you’ll find several important resources to raise awareness in your Market Center to help our KW Family members when they need it most.

The Cares Video Library

Thanks to the courage of our grant recipients, we’re able to showcase the power of our grants in short videos. These stories clearly convey how KW Cares grants provide relief to KW associates and their immediate family members facing financial hardships due to sudden emergencies.

Giving Through Command

You can now donate automatically to KW Cares with every closing! Learn more about how to donate via Command.

Download the KW Cares Market Center Onboarding Playbook

Download or print our ultimate guide to integrating the essence of KW Cares into your Keller Williams Realty market center! This playbook is more than just a manual; it’s a pathway to fostering a culture that prioritizes empowering, supporting, and uplifting our KW Family.

Download Agent
Onboarding One-Sheet

Download or print out our Agent Onboarding One-Sheet and share it with your associates via email or in-person.
This contains our mission and an overview of KW Cares grants.

Download the Grant
FAQs One-Sheet

Answer commonly asked questions and help spread awareness about how KW Cares grants help our associates and their immediate families during their times of need.