KW Cares


Life-Altering Grants

Life-altering grants primarily focus on events such as a medical illness, injury related to a motor vehicle accident, or repairs due to a housing disaster.

Life-altering grants can award up to $30,000* (amount based on the qualifying situation and documented financial need) to assist with:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Travel and/or rehousing expenses necessary to receive essential medical treatment
  • Modifications to home for accessibility
  • Assistance with deductible and/or shortfall in repair expenses following a housing disaster, such as fire, flood, tornado, etc. Assistance for housing disasters is for primary residences only.

Learn More about Qualifying Life-Altering Events

How to Apply for a Life-Altering Grant

Once you are confident you qualify for a KW Cares grant, you can apply with just three steps!\

1. Meet with Your Market Center Leadership or KWRI Department Head.

Your Team Leader, Operating Partner, or KWRI Department Head should have a clear understanding of your hardship and the amount of financial assistance needed. Applications cannot move forward without a signed recommendation from MC leadership or a department head.

2. Gather Your Financial and Incident Documentation.

Because grants are awarded based on financial need, we require you to have certain financial records submitted with your application, including medical bills, travel expenses, funeral invoices, etc.

3. Submit Your Request through Our Application Program.

Once you have leadership recommendation and all required documentation, you can easily complete the online grant application.
To see the comprehensive list of what you will need, download the Grant Application Checklist.
KW Cares will review the application and secure any additional needed information from the applicant prior to submission to the KW Grant Selection Committee for approval. Within 30 days of the receipt of all required documentation, the applicant will be notified whether the application has been approved. Even if an application meets grant criteria, it does not necessarily mean the request will be approved.