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As Hilda powered her bike along the trails near Lake Fayetteville on a Tuesday in June 2021, she felt nothing but strength coursing through body and mind. This single mother was confident and capable as she enjoyed the wind in her hair.

Then she awoke in a hospital bed with a broken collarbone and ribs, a fractured skull, and a brain bleed.

Triumph Over Trauma

After Hilda passed out and crashed her bicycle, a jogger discovered her, unconscious. She was rushed by ambulance to Washington Regional, but there were no neuro trauma beds available anywhere in northwest Arkansas. Hilda was transported to the Neuro Trauma Unit at Cox Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

After a long and complicated recovery, Hilda was released from the hospital. For two months while unable to drive, Hilda lived with family in Missouri while regaining her strength. Getting back on her feet financially, however, required even more help from those around her.

“The whole time I was healing, KW stepped in. It’s difficult to ask for help, but I was encouraged to apply for KW Cares. I didn’t expect anything, but I received such generous assistance. . . . I have been so blessed to have a loving family to nurture me back to health, friends to lead the charge in taking care of my home and business while I was recovering, and all the agents at Keller Williams.”

How You Help through KW Cares

Hilda has been an agent in the Fayetteville Market Center since May 2016. Because of this, KW Cares was able to provide financial assistance to help cover the high out-of-pocket medical expenses Hilda faced after her accident.

Your gifts to KW Cares help people like Hilda find peace of mind while recovering from life-altering circumstances like this accident. Please donate today!

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