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Six-year-old Ryan was shocked when his teacher explained that kids his age throughout the world had limited access to clean drinking water. And when his teacher said that many kids in Africa couldn’t even attend school due to lack of drinking water, Ryan felt a calling to do something about it. 

What his classmates saw as just another school project, Ryan Hreljac saw as a purpose in life. 

An Unquenchable Thirst for Change

Ryan became a fundraising machine, tirelessly rallying his community to help support the construction of a water well in Uganda, Africa. The project was more than a success; it marked the beginning of a movement. Ryan credits a keynote speech he delivered at Keller Williams’s Family Breakfast as a major turning point. 

“One thing I’ve learned is that you’re never too young to make a difference–and never too old. You can never discount a dream or where it can take you.”

Now, twenty years later, the Ryan’s Well Foundation provides access to safe water and sanitation to help improve the lives of people living in developing countries. In addition, Ryan and his team work with local partners to complete sanitation projects and provide hygiene education.

More than 1,500 water projects in 17 countries worldwide have been completed thus far, providing clean, safe drinking water to 1.1 million people. 

How You Help through KW Cares

Through our annual tithe, KW Cares has provided consistent support for the incredible work of the Ryan’s Well Foundation through the years. 

“One of our biggest and most amazing supporters through the years has been KW Cares. We couldn’t be more grateful for the impact Keller Williams has had.”

KW Cares has always been committed to taking care of our own first. But we also have a responsibility to all our fellow humans. When you give to KW Cares, you enable us to provide aid where and when it’s needed, including through our tithing partners!

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