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Like hundreds of KW associates in the Gulf States Region, Martha Stout and her husband, Allen Bixby, were hit hard by Hurricane Ida in 2021. For a long while, Martha and Allen had no idea if their home was still standing because all roads to their property were closed off by storm debris. While they waited for roadways to be cleared, the couple joined a dedicated KW crew distributing generators and other vital supplies to folks in need. 

A Storm-Ravaged Home

When Martha and Allen made it back to their property, what they witnessed made their jaws drop. Their house, garage, and garage apartment suffered damage in excess of $140,000. Forty-five huge trees on their property had fallen, with some threatening their home—they required $40,000 for tree removal alone!

Despite the devastation, their insurance settlement covered only a small fraction of the damage, leaving Martha and Allen at a loss for how to rebuild their home.

The team at KW Cares checked in on Martha during her post-storm struggles. 

“I was just putzing along, like ‘I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine,’ until I got the Cares call. Then I started crying.” 

A Complicated Situation

To complicate their financial realities, Allen’s father was struggling with dementia. His condition progressed to the point that Allen had to serve as his full-time caregiver at his home in New Orleans.

As the dozens of repair quotes piled up, Martha’s friends at KW urged her to apply for a KW Cares grant. Reluctantly, she completed the application and was approved shortly thereafter.

“It just didn’t dawn on me that I would be a recipient. You know, that I would be that in need.”

How You Help through KW Cares

Martha and Allen received $3,000 in aid from their Market Center, along with $30,000 in grant assistance from KW Cares. With your generous support, they’re steadily restoring their home–and their lives. 

“The generosity and love were so moving. I can’t thank enough, can’t give back enough, can’t do enough.”

The fact is, none of us know when an unexpected crisis might hit. And none of us should ever be hesitant to ask for assistance. Martha and Allen are living proof of why KW Cares exists: to help our KW family in times of need.

You can provide invaluable strength and support to those facing hardship after life-altering events. Please donate today!

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