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Pat Barnard has helped his KW Family for years by supporting KW Cares. But after receiving devastating news, his family faced a challenge of their own.

Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

In September 2018, his 11-year-old son Camden was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Soon after, he began receiving chemotherapy treatments near their home.

After two years of fighting, Camden returned to school as a fifth grader. But shortly thereafter, the cancer returned. He would need a bone marrow transplant. Cam had to relocate to be closer to a hospital in New Orleans, and his family was facing many uncovered expenses in order to get Cam the treatment he needed.

Finding a Way

Pat’s Market Center stepped up and identified the family’s financial needs, then they contacted KW Cares. Pat’s grant application was accepted.

Pat’s Market Center has also hosted multi-city blood drives and bone marrow donor drives, soliciting hundreds of agents and clients to become candidates for bone marrow transplants.

“I love the company that I work for, no doubt about it.” —Pat Barnard

Choosing Joy

Camden’s strength and resilience continues to inspire everyone around him. While his fight continues, the Barnards use a motto inspired by Camden: Choose joy.

Cam has taught them that, “Choosing joy is a mental thing. You have to seek out joy. When you get bad news, it’s all about perspective. It may seem like bad news, but it’s not if you zoom out to the good perspective.”

Pat says that his son is his hero.

How You Help through KW Cares

“Can you imagine someone saying ‘what do you need’ and then you make a list, and then the dollar amount associated with that list is just there and you don’t have that need anymore?!,” says Pat. “That’s amazing. That’s big. KW Cares is just phenomenal.” —Pat Barnard

Your gifts to KW Cares help families like the Barnards during life-altering circumstances. Please donate today!

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