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When Elizabeth Hinson’s daycare came to her with some concerns regarding her two-year-old twins, she immediately turned to her pediatrician. The doctor encouraged a psychological evaluation, and Elizabeth took her girls to the Autism Clinic at the University of Alabama.

Within weeks, their suspicions were confirmed. Her daughters, Milly and Mattie, were diagnosed with severe autism and would need intensive therapy.

Insurance Challenges

One week into starting treatment, the Hinsons found out that their insurance would not cover any of the girls’ therapies. They were facing enormous debt just to get their children what they needed.

The owners of the Gray Group, Tricia and Jason, encouraged Elizabeth to apply for a KW Cares grant. But Elizabeth thought she couldn’t receive support through KW Cares just because she’s not a realtor.

Elizabeth didn’t realize that KW Cares grants are open to all eligible KW associates. Thankfully, she was encouraged to apply anyway.

Her grant was approved. The Hinson family used it to pay for the twins’ treatments, and ABA therapy is already making a huge difference in their lives.

“You never think that it’s going to happen to you, that you’re going to be the person that needs it. You don’t see that side of it. I’ve always loved Keller Williams, but this is just a whole other level.”

Progress in More Ways Than One

Just a few months before starting therapy, Milly and Mattie were completely non-verbal. But now they say “Mama” and “Daddy,” and they love to sing their favorite Disney songs.

Elizabeth has also become a champion in her community, working to raise awareness and amend insurance coverage. She spoke to the City Council of Tuscaloosa, urging them to add additional benefits to autism coverage under the City’s health insurance plan.

She demonstrated that paying for ABA treatment out of pocket would be impossible for most City team members—including her husband, a Fire Rescue employee.

Because of Elizabeth’s efforts, the City of Tuscaloosa will add ABA coverage to the City’s health insurance plan.

“Without Elizabeth’s passion and dedication to making this happen, I doubt we would have known of this issue and been able to take action. There is power in service, and there is power in using your voice to make a difference. Elizabeth has reminded us all of this.” —Walt Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa

All 18 of Elizabeth’s team members from the Gray Group showed up to support her at the City Council Meeting, wearing blue for Autism awareness.

The Hinsons also have plans to work with the University of Alabama Autism Clinic to open a preschool for autistic and traditional learners in 2023.

How You Help through KW Cares

The KW Cares grant provided through your donations gave Elizabeth and her family the breathing room to focus on what was most important: each other.

“It was just such a relief. It was the opportunity to focus all my attention on helping my girls and helping my other three children, who also need their mom.”

Your gifts provide invaluable hope and relief to those facing life-altering events and diagnoses. Please consider donating today!

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