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Daniel always had a heart for the mission behind KW Cares, ever since he joined the KW Family in April 2019. A sudden heart attack in 2017 left him medically compromised, but it wasn’t until COVID hit three years later that the situation became dire for him. In January 2021, he was diagnosed with COVID and was hospitalized for 35 days.

Complications from his COVID diagnosis deteriorated his health, and in September 2021, he was put on the heart transplant list.

Despite All Odds

When Daniel was added to the transplant list, his medical team advised him to avoid potential exposure, as any added risk could be life-threatening for him. Daniel was unable to work or engage with others at the level he previously had. It was a tough three months as he and his family struggled to address living and medical expenses.

But then, on January 2, 2022 Daniel received the call he had been hoping for: a heart had become available. Finally, the months of apprehension were over. It didn’t take long after surgery for Daniel to jump back into living the abundant life he had dreamed of getting back to.

But with this chance to restart came added responsibility to safeguard his health from new COVID variants. Despite the extra vigilance required, Daniel has never lost sight of the incredible gift of financial assistance to him and his family.

“To me, as a man of faith, I always believed what the Word says that there are bigger blessings to the one that gives than the one that receives. . . . You always think ‘I’m blessing people,’ and you’re always on that side of the coin. You never expect to be on the other side.”


How You Help through KW Cares

Daniel has been an agent in the Orlando South Market Center since April 2019. Because of this, KW Cares was able to provide financial assistance to help cover the medical and living expenses Daniel faced after he was put on the transplant list.

Your gifts to KW Cares help people like Daniel find peace of mind while recovering from life-altering circumstances like this accident. Please donate today!

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