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KW team member Venkat Chinni has always been close to his older brother, Raghu Nikhil Chinni. In early 2020, Raghu Nikhil and his wife, Harika, traveled to India on a family visit. What was supposed to be a two-week trip turned into two years due to COVID-19.

Because of his prolonged absence and mass layoffs at his company, Raghu Nikhil was let go. He also lost his H-1 VISA status and was not able to return to the United States. In mid-June 2022, Raghu Nikhil was finally able to plan a return home when he was granted his student visa to pursue a PhD in Computer Science.

A Terrible Accident Far from Home

Two days after his admission to Mississippi State, on June 27, 2022, Raghu Nikhil and Harika were involved in a massive multi-bus accident. His spine was crushed, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down, with limited mobility in his upper limbs. Harika sustained a concussion as well as shoulder and spinal fractures.

Returning to the US to attend his PhD program was no longer an option. The family’s main concern was his recovery and they were doing all they could to remain hopeful.

The couple did not have medical insurance, and India doesn’t have a universal healthcare plan, so Raghu Nikhil’s brother, Venkat, has been the main financial provider for his family. Venkat and his father were fully bearing the weight of the medical bills without any additional support, but they didn’t have adequate resources to continue treatment.

KW Cares gave a grant to Raghu Nikhil in August 2022 to assist with medical expenses related to the spinal cord injuries sustained in the accident. Raghu Nikhil had already undergone multiple surgeries and spent months in the ICU.

“I didn’t even know if help [for my brother] was an option. . . . The financial help that KW Cares provides is out-of-this world. I don’t know any other company that extends help to family and siblings.” —Venkat Chinni

Exploring New Options for Recovery

The first grant from KW Cares alleviated some of the financial burdens, and a second grant helped with cytokine gene therapy and continued physical rehabilitation.

Cytokine therapy is a relatively new advancement in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. It consists of three sessions, two weeks apart with rehab for three months. An additional dose is administered at six months and one year. The results so far have been impressive—Raghu Nikhil can now sit up unassisted for longer periods!

It’s a slow process, but physical therapy has been working. Raghu Nikhil is able to hold a cup of water, and his therapists are working with him every day on muscle-building exercises and coordination activities, such as catching a ball. There is hope that he may regain more use of his limbs as he continues rehab.

“I’m immensely grateful to be part of this amazing company that treats everyone like family.” —Venkat Chinni

How You Help through KW Cares

KW Cares helped cover international medical bills and treatment options so Raghu Nikhil could get back to living life.

Your gifts to KW Cares help family members like Venkat’s during life-altering circumstances. Please donate today!

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