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This brother/sister duo shares an unbreakable bond forged by trauma, love, and the miracle of survival. A single father of two, Randy tested positive for COVID in February 2021.

During a week in quarantine, his condition rapidly worsened. Ultimately, he came to realize: “If I don’t make it to a hospital, I will not survive.”

Tammy, a KW agent based in Port St. Lucie, FL, rushed to New Jersey to her brother’s side. He was in a medically induced coma for three weeks before awakening completely unaware of where he was or why. He remained hospitalized for a month, paralyzed and sustained by IV fluids. After several agonizing weeks, Randy’s condition stabilized and he was moved to rehab. That’s when Tammy realized her brother would need some help on his journey to recovery.

“Once I got over the fear of not knowing what was going to happen, I started thinking about finances,” says Tammy. “It’s hard, but you have to think about those practical things, and so I reached out to the O.P. of my Market Center who said, ‘Tammy, apply to KW Cares!’ I told him that Randy’s not an agent, he’s my brother. But he convinced me to apply.  I have to say, everyone I dealt with was amazing. It’s not just paper they’re shuffling through, they really care! And I connected with everyone who touched the process.”

Today, Randy faces a long road ahead, filled with more rehab and potential surgeries to overcome the pain, numbness, and mobility issues he struggles with. But he hopes to get back to work at the construction company he owns. “Thank God for my sister and KW Cares helping out,” he says. “Hey, I’m alive. I’m here with my kids. And I feel like I have a second shot at life.”

How KW Cares Helped:

Randy’s grant application was approved quickly. He and his family received support to help cover their needs during several months of grueling rehab. As Tammy puts it, KW Cares “helped make sure he could focus on his recovery and not worry about keeping a roof over his kids heads or food in their mouths.”

“If not for KW Cares, I really don’t know where my brother and his kids would be today.”

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