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Kristen Oktar is a dedicated mom and KW agent who’s had a rough year.

On November 17, 2022, 40-year-old Kristen went in for a routine colonoscopy. When the results came back, they showed a mass in her colon. A biopsy confirmed she has Stage IIIC colon cancer, which had spread to 15 of her lymph nodes.

A Brutal Treatment Plan

She had surgery to remove the mass and about a foot of her colon. Because of the aggressive nature of her cancer, Kristen immediately began a six-month course of intensive chemotherapy.

Kristen currently gets a chemo infusion every other week. She comes home with a pump, which continues to provide chemo for another 48 hours. She’s actually receiving chemo while trying to do the laundry, make dinner, and earn a living. The side effects of such aggressive chemotherapy have been brutal. Kristen has been struggling to work and to be the mom she wants to be for her kids while enduring her treatments.

Once she feels almost human again, it’s time to get in the car and head out for another infusion. The cycle begins again.

A Heavy Financial Burden

Due to her divorce, Kristen was left without insurance. She was offered COBRA to extend the coverage she had while she was married. While it’s certainly better than nothing, her premiums are almost $750 per month and she has no choice but to continue the COBRA policy.

And even at $750 a month, insurance doesn’t cover everything. Not even close.

The stress from her diagnosis, caring for her children while adjusting to life as a single parent, and not knowing how she’ll meet her monthly obligations has been crippling. Kristen was at the end of her rope.

Then Kristen’s team encouraged her to apply for a KW Cares Grant. She was approved.

“The process was so quick and so easy… if it wasn’t for KW Cares helping me I don’t even know what kind of mess I would be in. It’s amazing to work for a company that offers this sort of resource and I can’t wait to give back once I’m healthy.” —Kristen Oktar

How You Help through KW Cares

Her KW Cares Grant gives Kristen the breathing room to pay her medical and living expenses and to take care of her children’s needs so she can focus on getting better.

“I’ve never wanted to ask for help, I’m a person who does things on their own. . . . KW Cares came through and I’m so grateful. I can’t even put into words how much you’ve helped me. . . . I wish I could hug everyone behind-the-scenes because you’ve been a true blessing to me and my family.” —Kristen Oktar

KW Cares helps in dark times. It’s what we do and it’s why we’re proud to be a part of the Keller Williams culture of caring. Your gifts to KW Cares help KW associates like Kristen navigate difficult life circumstances. Please donate today!

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