Renewed Hope

When Sharon was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, she was determined not to let it slow her down and learned to live with its effects as best and as quietly as she could.  However, in May 2017 she was diagnosed with Stage IV Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare form of skin cancer, and knew she would have to make her health a top priority.  Sharon worked as much as she could during treatment, which included surgery and chemotherapy, but battling cancer and MS concurrently was working against her.  Sharon had mostly been the prospector and listing agent of the business, but she couldn’t continue at her previous pace.

Art picked up the reins and began working that part of their business, which was totally out of his comfort zone. He even reluctantly attended BOLD. He struggled to continue the class and wanted to drop out due to the stress of carrying the business on his shoulders and helping Sharon through treatments. To his credit, HE DID NOT QUIT.  Art worked hard at keeping business coming in, but their finances were drained from medical bills and they were beginning to fall behind on their many bills.

Seeing how much they were struggling, the market center immediately provided cash, paid for board dues and E&O insurance, and provided lawn care and housekeeping.  They also encouraged Sharon to apply for a grant from KW Cares.

Before applying for the grant, much of Art’s time was focused on figuring out how to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” but the grant from KW Cares, along with the support from his market center, has been ‘life-altering’ and has lifted a tremendous burden.  Recent tests show Sharon’s tumors are responding well to treatment, so their spirits have been lifted and they have renewed hope.

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