Stronger together

Angel Munoz
Phoenix, AZ

In early spring 2019, the Munoz family welcomed the arrival of their first son.  Angel just had the best year of real estate of his career, he had recently hired an admin/transaction coordinator and he felt life couldn’t get any better.

But two weeks after their son was born, they received the devastating news that their 3-year-old daughter Olyvia had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Balancing the demands of a newborn, along with the stress of Olyvia’s diagnosis and countless medical appointments and hospital stays proved overwhelming and exhausting.  Angel needed to be available to help his wife, Taryn with their newborn and with Olyvia’s medical needs so he had to redirect his focus from real estate to his family.  Olyvia has powered through her first rounds of treatment well but still has many more ahead of her.  As can be expected with such rigorous treatment, there are many things that have had to change in their daily routine, including staying home a lot more due to Olyvia’s compromised immune system. The bright side of that is it has allowed them to become more creative at home with activities they can do together as a family, all while keeping her as healthy as possible during this journey.

Angel’s market center committed to providing an extraordinary amount of support and encouraged Angel to apply for a grant from KW Cares to help alleviate the financial stresses this young family was facing.  We know their challenges are far from over, but thanks to our generous donors, some of the financial burdens have been lifted.  We all continue to pray for Olyvia’s complete recovery.

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