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A resident of Joplin, MO, and owner of multiple Market Centers, Doris describes herself as “a loving, caring Board Member of KW Cares.” On a very personal and heart-breaking level, Doris has experienced the hardship caused by unexpected emergencies. 

In 2011, Joplin, Mo, experienced what’s been described as one of the top ten deadliest weather events in history. Three separate tornadoes converged on the town, and literally ripped away one third of the community’s homes.

“KW Cares came to our rescue and I truly mean rescue. They knew what we needed before we even knew what we needed,” says Doris. “I had families who didn’t have homes or cars. And KW Cares just stepped right in. They knew how to handle all of it because they’d been through it before and it was such a blessing. They knew how to find a hotel that would take your dog, and how to get a hold of generators and get them to you. All of this became the impetus for the preparation we have now, with the trucks that are ready to hit the road when disaster strikes.”

Doris draws the inspiration to help others from that catastrophic event. But her devotion to KW Cares dates back to 2005. In the midst of Hurricane Katrina’s wrath, Mo Anderson pleaded with all associates and Market Centers to donate in a meaningful way to help KW families devastated by the storm. The response was staggering. $5.3 MILLION dollars was raised in three and a half months.  “Members of the KW community began by ADOPTING Market Centers, adopting families, providing things that they desperately needed,” remembers Doris. “It was a time when Keller Williams came together big time.” Katrina was the catalyst that spurred KW Cares phenomenal growth and ability to helps thousands of folks in need.

“The Number One thing we hear is ‘I’ve always given to KW Cares, but I never expected in my life to be a recipient.’ I think we all feel the same way. But we want agents to know we’re here, to help them. We don’t want them to hesitate to ask.”

Doris has an emphatic message about the reason for giving.

“It’s everyone helping everyone else,” she emphasizes. “That’s part of our culture. It’s what we live for. To help one another and lift each other up.”

To help those just like the Joplin Market Center who are faced with hardship after life-altering events, donate today!

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