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A Keller Williams agent at the market center in Shreveport, LA since February 2021, Dee was devastated when she and her family were suddenly displaced when a tornado destroyed their home in June.  

Several large trees fell onto their house and destroyed the roof. A utility pole struck the house, cutting off power, rupturing the main water line and flooding the home. The natural gas line was also broken, raising fears of a fire or explosion. 

Dee was quite familiar with the work of KW Cares but was hesitant to reach out due to her brief tenure at Keller Williams. She was unaware that the six-month wait period is waived for natural disasters. At the urging of a friend, Dee called the KW Cares Crisis Line.

I made the call, sent pictures of the house, and described the damage… It was above our imagination of what they would give,” says Dee.

With prompt assistance from KW Cares, Dee and her family weathered the storm. Though still displaced, they were able to buy food and replace clothing. “I am so very grateful to KW Cares,” says Dee. “And from this day forward, I will ALWAYS donate.”


How KW Cares Helps:

In the midst of a natural disaster, KW Associates and their families  are not required to go through the grant application process to receive a degree of immediate assistance. Many folks in this situation have to evacuate quickly. In dire situations like these when every second counts, a call to the KW Cares Crisis Line can result in receiving financial assistance wired directly to your bank account. Dee and her family are living proof.


“I will be persistent in donating, because this time it was OUR turn. Tomorrow, we don’t know whose turn it will be. I just believe you reap what you sow.”

To help those just like Dee and her family who are faced with hardship after life-altering events, donate today!

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