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Kikeyta (KJ) Bethea-Simon has been an associate in the Charlotte – UNC Area Market Center since 2013. In January 2018, KJ was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure causing her to spend 15 hours each week in dialysis. To make matters more challenging, she’s single and lives alone. 

Her medical team felt she was an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant, but was required to  demonstrate that she  could pay for her aftercare. KJ receives Medicare coverage, but out-of-pocket medical expenses and the post-transplant anti-rejection drugs were more than she could handle on her own. 

KJ’s case was presented to the Kidney Transplant Committee, and after what seemed like forever, she got the call she was anxiously awaiting. KJ is now in the post-transplant stage but has been challenged with a few complications. We are all hoping and praying that her body will learn to love the new kidney.

How KW Cares Helped:⁠

KW Cares provided KJ with grants to assist with living expenses as she took on the grueling challenges of ongoing weekly dialysis, and navigating the kidney transplantation process. 

“I am so excited and hopeful and wish I could just hug you! Thanks to you and everyone there that has helped my life be a little easier. I am grateful.” – KJ Bethea-Simon

To help those just like KJ and her family who are faced with hardship after life-altering events, donate today!

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