KW Cares

Apply for a
KW Cares Grant

Grant Type #1:
Life-Altering Events

If you are currently experiencing financial hardship due to an unexpected emergency this is how you begin the grant application process.

With your team leader, determine if your request meets the eligibility requirements and criteria of hardship due to a sudden emergency. 

Complete and fully document the KW Cares Grant Application.

Write a brief statement of need (written by the team leader and/ or applicant) specifying the following:

  • Summarize the associate’s emergency and financial situation
  • Indicate the amount of the financial need for your total emergency cost
  • Indicate the amount of assistance you are requesting from KW Cares 
  • Indicate what the Market Center has done to provide assistance to the applicant*

*The KW Cares Board of Directors looks closely at the level of involvement and direct support that the intended recipient has received from the local Market Center. The expectation is that the Market Center community will provide 10 percent of the applicant’s need. This can be a combination of financial and in-kind assistance. This is not to say that grants won’t be made to individuals unless their Market Center has also contributed. However, the Market Center and/or region will be asked to explain if no support has been given.

Once approved at the Market Center level, forward the completed grant application and documentation to KW Cares at 435-514-2229 (fax) or email it to

KW Cares staff will review the grant and prepare a summary to present to the KW Cares Independent Selection Committee for consideration. Please allow up to 30 days following receipt of all required documentation for a response.

Grant Type #2:
Natural Disasters

If you are a KW associate in need of financial assistance for immediate needs (shelter, food, medical and transportation). Please know we are prepared to help expediently!

For financial assistance, contact your Market Center leadership or reach out to KW Cares during business hours at 512-327-3070 or On weekends or after hours, call the Disaster Hotline at 866-591-2737.

A KW Cares staff member will then respond and assist you in completing the process and determine eligibility for this grant.

Upon approval of your grant request, KW Cares will initiate a wire transfer to a bank account specified by the applicant.

Note: please contact 911 for time-sensitive emergencies.