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As seen at family reunion 2024 to celebrate our 20th year

KW Cares serves Keller Williams associates and their qualifying family members during times of hardship1 due to sudden emergency to ensure that everyone in our KW family feels supported, safe and valued.

1 Hardship is defined as a situation in which a person or family can no longer manage the financial strain caused by a sudden emergency.

Here’s how we help our Keller Williams associates: 

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KW Cares Grants

Are you or a qualifying family member struggling financially due to an unexpected life-threatening illness, medical emergency or natural disaster? 

Learn more about how to apply for a grant or assist your family members or colleagues to do so. We’re here to guide you through the application process to make your experience as seamless as possible.

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Your Donations
Lift Our Family

Your donations have uplifted thousands of KW family members for whom hope was faltering. They share their stories as a testament to the profound impact your donations have had on their lives. We all share a connection that goes far beyond the workplace.

Stephanie Houseman

We’re blessed to hear the stories of KW Family members who have been touched by our grant program. One such...

Amanda A.

In February 2024, Florida agent and mom of two, Amanda A., went to the emergency room with severe pain in...

Jacqueline K.

“Life is About Living Your Dreams” Mark moved back to his native town of Cincinnati, Ohio, to do just that....

Kevin Johnson

We’re blessed to hear the stories of KW Family members who have been touched by our grant program. One such...

The Wells Family

A Medical Mystery In September 2022, the Wells family had a terrifying experience when their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Austin, lost consciousness....

B. Fence

“I know of no other company that can save a family the way this has” For 15 years B. (name...

Lindsey Woods

Here at KW Cares we’re blessed to hear the stories of KW family members who have been touched by our...

Venkat and Raghu Nikhil Chinni

 KW team member Venkat Chinni has always been close to his older brother, Raghu Nikhil Chinni. In early 2020,...

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