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“Life is About Living Your Dreams”

Mark moved back to his native town of Cincinnati, Ohio, to do just that. Mark was determined to land at a great brokerage and work hard to become successful. He made his home at Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty and quickly formed relationships with a winning team. He settled in, found a wonderful support system, and embarked on working on his passion.

Mark’s first love was the car business, and he had his heart set on opening a car dealership. He knew having a dual career would be challenging, but if anyone could do it, he was going to make it happen. After 11 months of grit, Mark opened Kemper Motors. Jacquie was so proud of him and they were excited about all the success to come.

Continuing Alone

But tragically, they didn’t get to relish in the moment for long. Only a month later, at the age of 52, Mark had a heart attack and passed away.

“I am devastated and lost without him. We had just started our journey together and now I am left broken.” —Jacquie

This unexpected loss has been crushing for Jacquie. Mark didn’t have a will or a life insurance policy, and she has had to take short-term disability to deal with managing Mark’s estate while trying to learn how to function with overwhelming grief.

Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty cared for Mark very deeply. They immediately reached out to express their condolences and their desire to provide support for Jacquie. With the help of leadership, Jacquie was able to receive a grant from KW Cares.

“With the gift of generosity, I was able to take care of our home and financial demands. I encourage anyone who can contribute to KW Cares to do so. I am forever indebted to such a loving cause.” —Jacquie

How You Help through KW Cares

KW Cares provided funds to help Jacquie get through this terrible time. She’s taking each day as it comes and working on living without Mark.

Your gifts to KW Cares help families like Jacquie’s during life-altering circumstances like the loss of a spouse. Please donate today!

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