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The Smiths, like hundreds of Keller Williams families, had their lives upended by Hurricane Harvey.

Even though their house was not in a designated flood plain, it had flooded on three separate occasions in the last five years. The floods in 2016 and 2017 were considered once-in-a-lifetime events. While the Smiths did have flood insurance, repair costs far exceeded the amount their insurance would cover.

Winona’s assistant team leader asked if she had applied for a grant from KW Cares. Winona had been unaware that financial assistance was available to help her rebuild and hesitant to complete the application. As with most “givers,” she felt others needed help more, and wasn’t comfortable being on the receiving end. But when Winona’s 78-year-old mother’s home was ravaged by Harvey and the insurance company rejected the claim, Winona finally sought help.

With the encouragement of KW Cares staff, Winona submitted an application not only for her family’s grant but also helped her mom submit one. Both families were soon notified that help was on the way to help with home repairs and to replace household furnishings and personal belongings that would not be replaced by their insurance provider.

Winona, having been challenged so strongly does her best to stay positive and find blessings to celebrate. “On the bright side, I am learning so much about what to do in the aftermath of a major disaster that I’m able to help others with this newfound knowledge.” A lover of antiques who lost many of her beloved treasures, Winona beams joyfully, “I now have the opportunity to go antiquing!”

“To God be the glory for all he has done! Thanks to KW Cares and the board for this grant. Our lives will be forever changed because of your generosity.” – Winona Smith

To help those just like Winona and her family who are faced with hardship after life-altering events, donate today!

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