KW Cares


Life-Altering Grants: Illness or Injury

KW Cares can assist with out-of-pocket medical expenses, travel expenses, physical disability needs such as assistive technology, wheelchairs, prosthetics, home modifications for accessibility, and shortfall in living expenses if illness or injury has impacted the applicant’s ability to work.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need. Please note, KW Cares is not able to assist with alternative/unconventional medical expenses.

Your Incident Documentation Checklist

  • Completed and signed Physician’s Statement, including diagnosis, prognosis, and expected time missed from work
  • Medical bills
    • If the applicant has private medical insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, a summary of claims should be downloaded/exported from the medical insurance provider for the range of dates for which medical treatment was needed. Do not submit individual bills or EOBs. The summary should show the amount of medical expense paid by the insurance provider and the amount of the medical expense for which the patient is responsible.
    • If uninsured, medical bills should be provided.
  • Travel expenses related to medical treatment, if applicable
  • Estimates for accessibility modifications to home or transportation (stairlift, ramp, wheelchair-accessible van, handicapped accessible modifications, etc.)

Your Financial Documentation Checklist

  • Most recent federal income tax return in entirety
  • Bank statements, in entirety, for all accounts
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Statements for alternate income sources, such as SSI
  • Current statements for home loan(s), car loan(s), credit card(s), etc.