KW Cares


Life-Altering Grants: Death of a Qualifying Family Member

KW Cares can assist with essential funeral, burial, and cremation expenses; emergency travel expenses; and shortfall in living expenses if the deceased was a primary earner for the household. In addition to funeral expenses assistance with out-of-pocket medical expenses may be available, if the applicant is legally financially responsible.

Please note, funeral grants are capped at $15,000. Applicant must be able to demonstrate financial need.

Your Incident Documentation Checklist

  • Essential funeral expenses (excluding headstone, reception, etc.)
  • Death certificate
  • Accident report, if applicable
  • Medical bills, if applicable
  • Travel expenses, if applicable

Your Financial Documentation Checklist

  • Most recent federal income tax return in entirety
  • Bank statements, in entirety, for all accounts
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Statements for alternate income sources, such as SSI
  • Current statements for home loan(s), car loan(s), credit card(s), etc.