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A Medical Mystery

In September 2022, the Wells family had a terrifying experience when their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Austin, lost consciousness. By the time paramedics arrived, he was awake and his vitals were stable, but he went by ambulance to the hospital for tests. At the hospital, the medical team couldn’t find a reason. They suspected he was just fighting a virus, and he was released from the hospital the following day.

At a follow-up medical appointment, his respiratory rate was elevated so his doctor admitted him to the hospital for further observation. He was released several days later, still without a diagnosis. In November, he lost consciousness again. Austin had an EEG, an EKG, and four emergency room visits before he was transferred from Shreveport to New Orleans to see a cardiac specialist.

Finally, a Diagnosis

The specialist ultimately diagnosed Austin with pulmonary hypertension, a life-threatening disorder that causes the heart to have to work harder to pump blood to the lungs. All that extra work will eventually result in heart failure. Austin was born prematurely, and his biological mother tragically died during childbirth due to the same condition, so the family was understandably frightened.

Austin was in the PICU in New Orleans from late November 2022 until the second week of January 2023. His father stayed in a nearby hotel and his mother drove 5 hours back and forth between the hospital and home. Austin underwent surgery to implant a heart shunt and a device that continuously pumps medication to help control his symptoms.

“Words cannot fully convey the depth of our appreciation for KW Cares’s compassionate intervention during our time of need. Your organization’s support has not only provided financial relief but has also given us a renewed sense of hope and strength to confront the difficulties ahead.”

While there are many treatment options for pulmonary hypertension, there is no cure. The Wells family will continue to travel for Austin to see his doctors. He also needs round-the-clock care, so the logistics of working full-time are very difficult.

How You Help through KW Cares

The Wells family has a long road ahead, but KW Cares was able to provide funds to help cover their expenses for travel and for Austin’s care, so his parents can focus their energy on helping him get better.

“Your generous grant, offered during our son’s battle with pulmonary hypertension, has made a profound impact on our ability to navigate through these desperate times.”

Your gifts to KW Cares help families like the Wells during life-altering circumstances. Please donate today if you are able.

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