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In spring 2019, Angel and Taryn Munoz welcomed their first son into the world. Angel had just completed the best year of his real estate career and felt life could not get any better. But two weeks after their son’s birth, the Munoz family received devastating news: their three-year-old daughter, Olyvia, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Balancing the demands of a newborn, along with the stress of Olyvia’s diagnosis, countless medical appointments, and hospital stays proved overwhelming and exhausting. 

Taryn needed Angel’s help with their newborn and Olyvia’s medical needs, which meant he had to redirect his focus from work to family. Olyvia powered through her first rounds of treatment but still faces many more ahead. As expected, such rigorous treatment required many changes in the family’s daily routine, such as more time at home due to Olyvia’s compromised immune system. 

Taryn and Angel opted to view the challenges as an opportunity to become more creative at home, with activities they can do together as a family. The experience pulled The Munozes together in providing maximum support for Olyvia during her journey.

How KW Cares Helped:⁠

Angel’s market center committed to providing extraordinary support and encouraged Angel to apply for a KW Cares grant to help alleviate his family’s financial strain. Angel and Taryn’s challenges may be far from over, but our generous donors have helped ease their burden. We all continue to pray for Olyvia’s complete recovery.

To help those just like Angel and his family who are faced with hardship after life-altering events, donate today!

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