Strength to Keep Moving Forward

Having a sick child is one of the most heartbreaking things a parent can go through, but when you add the financial burden of medical bills, on top of navigating medical appointments and health insurance, while also trying to support a family, the stress can be completely overwhelming.  Brett Carroll, an agent in the Austin SW market center, knows the realities of daily life with a critically ill child.

The Carroll family welcomed baby Oliver in 2017.  For the first few months of his life, he appeared to be a perfectly healthy baby.  When he began to lose weight rapidly, the journey to determine the cause of Oliver’s decline in health began.  Five months later he was diagnosed with a form of Leigh Syndrome, a severe and often fatal neurological disorder affecting multiple systems in the body.  Little Oliver’s symptoms are rapidly increasing. Complications seem to arise weekly and have caused significant emotional and financial hardship for this young family.

Brett says because of the grant from KW Cares and the love and generous support from his market center, they are able to breathe again, to fight another day and to keep moving forward.  The family recently returned to their native England due to the high cost of Oliver’s medical care here in the US, and Brett plans to join the Keller Williams family in Leeds to continue his real estate career in the UK.

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