Spirit and Perserverance

In June 2017, John, an associate in the White Plains market center, began to experience hives accompanied by alarming swelling of his airway. In critical condition, he ended up in ICU no less than nine times over a period of months. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with Type 3 Hereditary Angioedema, a very rare and life-threatening condition characterized by recurrent episodes of severe swelling of the face, limbs, intestinal tract and airways. John’s symptoms were so severe, he had to be intubated during each visit to the ICU. Due to the extremely high cost of his medications and medical care, John was approved for emergency Medicaid. Even with the help of Medicaid, over the course of 18 months of treatment, his total out-of-pocket expense was in excess of $70,000. He also incurred travel expenses to seek out the best medical professional to deal with his illness, who happened to be in San Diego.

It is not difficult to imagine what an illness such as this does to a real estate agent’s productivity, but because of John’s spirit and perseverance, he did his best to keep moving forward while battling his illness. He managed to close a few transactions but sadly, the proceeds were not enough for him to keep abreast of his living expenses. Thankfully, the White Plains associates pitched in to provide financial assistance, transportation to and from medical appointments and plenty of encouragement. KW Cares was able to provide additional assistance through its grant program to help with medical and living expenses. I’m so happy to tell you that he is on the path back to good health and succeeding in real estate.

John shared this with KW Cares, “I was very reluctant to submit the grant application but the constant encouragement from my market center is what finally made me do so. I feel that is a vital part of my story because there may be other agents out there whose pride won’t allow them to ask for help and hopefully hearing that I struggled with that too will encourage them to ask for help.” He continued, “First and foremost the assistance gave me the opportunity to stay in this business as a realtor. It helped to absorb a lot of the extraordinary costs of medical bills that I was now responsible for every month and pay for medication. The grant was literally a miracle from God for my physical, mental and spiritual healing! I cannot even find the words to express my gratitude to KW Cares and everyone responsible for something like this for our company. Without KW Cares assistance, I literally would have lost my life.“


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