Powerful Impact

The strength of the Jackson family, along with help from KW Cares and many others, has helped them persevere through an unbelievably difficult time. William Jackson suffered a stroke, and his wife Rita was diagnosed with and treated for plasmacytoma, cancer of the bone tissue. The family was facing great financial hardship due to out-of-pocket medical expenses. Additionally, William was awaiting transplant surgery to receive a kidney from his daughter Jessica, who is an agent at the St. Charles, Missouri market center. Tragically, in the midst of these very serious medical challenges, heartbreak was added to their burdens when Rita and William’s 27-year-old son died suddenly.

In response to having received a grant from KW Cares, the Jackson family has said, “We have so many questions about what the future will bring, but our hearts are reminded of the good in the world and the forethought of those within Keller Williams. We know this would not be possible without the generous donations of those who donate to KW Cares. When those individuals sign up to contribute, I wonder if they really, genuinely know just how much they serve the receiving family with their giving. We hope you share this thank-you to all who have contributed – to reinforce the positive impact they are having on so many lives, to remind them how powerful their gift truly is, and to show just how transformative the KW Cares program is. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. Our family is so blessed because of you.”

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