How to Give Back at KW

One of the hallmarks of this company, where associates so gladly serve, is caring. It is about how we care for our clients, our families, our communities, and how we take care of each other. It is in our hearts to continue to grow this special culture of caring that has had such a powerful impact on those who receive KW Cares support, and also on those who make it possible.

 There are several ways you can donate through transactional giving to help take care of our own.

Please watch the following video tutorials or download the step-by-step sheet on how to give via Command or Greensheets and personally contribute to supporting the KW Family.

How to Give Back in Command:


How to Give Back in Greensheets:

Thank you for being a part of our KW Cares family. Your gift allows us to create more stories like
these. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see more of your impact in action.

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