Disaster Recovery Updates

KW Cares closely monitors the development of weather and natural disasters affecting our associates and their families. Below you will find the latest information and resources on current KW Cares relief efforts.

Immediate Needs

If you are a KW Associate in need of financial assistance for immediate needs (shelter, food, transportation) due to the current wildfires, we are here to help.

NOTE: Please contact 911 for emergencies, your market center leadership to check-in, and KW Cares for financial assistance for immediate needs. Reach KW Cares during business hours at 512-327-3070 or kwcares@kw.com. On weekends or after hours, call the Disaster Hotline at 866-591-2737.

Wildfire Updates

KW Cares is working closely with leadership in the areas affected by the current ongoing wildfires.

For financial assistance, please contact KW Cares at 866-591-2737.


Helpful Information

Your safety and the safety of your family is our primary concern during any natural disaster. Please adhere to state and local evacuation plans and prepare appropriately if you are in areas not required to evacuate.  

Other Resources:

Get Involved

Many have asked how they can help. Please consider making a monetary donation to KW Cares

If you would like to serve locally, please contact your KW Regional and Local leadership as they will the primary contacts for any relief efforts that are coordinated. 

Contact Us

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.